Royal Resorts

Royal Resorts in Cancun Mexico are probably the most "well known" resorts in the timeshare industry. Royal Resorts feature five resorts in Cancun and one in the Riviera Maya and all of them are rated 5 star by Interval International.

It has been 33 years since Vacation Club International opened its doors to thousand of families who have enjoyed their vacations the Royal Resorts way. Now Royal Resorts is one of the leading vacation ownership companies of the world with more than 3000 employees.

The original concept of Royal Resorts as the developer Richard Sutton said is "to build a vacation home that we would enjoy owning and sell it in a way that we would appreciate being sold to, with no pressure", and his dream became a reality for thousands of people.

One of the differences between Royal Resorts fractional ownership and many othe timeshare companies in Mexico and around the world is that you get year after year the same unit (villa) in the same week. No need to call before to check availability, your villa will be ready for you when you get to the resort. Other companies will convince you to buy showing you a nice beachfront unit but this accommodations most likely will never be available and you will either paying an "upgrade fee" or occupaying a unit a level below of what you expected.

Another difference is the way the units are sold, you more likely will seek your personal concierge to buy a week because of the quality of the accommodations and the affordable prices of the Restaurants and in-house convenience stores.